The Company’s roots date back to its founding in 1965 as R.W. Zukin Corporation, the property management arm of a Bay Area real estate investment concern.  

In 1971, Richard Alhona, joined the firm and went on to lead and eventually purchase the company from its founding investors. During his 40-year tenure, Mr. Alhona grew property management operations and expanded into construction services through the opening of Apartment Services Company.  In April of 2011, Bob Talbott and Scott Mencaccy purchased the company.  With collective industry experience of over 60 years, Bob and Scott set out to apply their extensive skills and passion for real estate towards growing a business intent on delivering outstanding results and exceptional service to its clients.  

A key component of the Company’s success is its people.  Great results require great people who are committed to being part of a team striving to do great things. Our team places a value on hard work and a commitment towards providing our residents the best possible service. In 2020, wanting to establish a deliberate focus towards the future, the Company changed its name to BLVD Residential. BLVD Residential is well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.